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do not buy a car from matos used autos, located in reading, pa. first off, all their cars are pieces of ****!!!!

They buy their cars from auctions or junkyards, and they treat you terrible. I bought a car from them, and all of my payments were on time, i was never late. They repoed the car on the day that the payment was due, claiming that, I had to have the payment in their office before their dealership closed, which is BS!!! Then the second time they repoed my car, they had several checks of mine that were cashed by their company, but the money was never applied to my account, I then got an attorney, I got my car back, but never, ever buy a car from them!!!!

Plus the car i had bought, i later found out that it had been totaled, but they still sold it at bluebook price, they even go so far as changing the serial numbers on their vehicles, so you can't do a carfax search. I found out it was totaled, by searching the numbers on the engine. Horrible company, and now recently they are going out of business,YEAH!!!!

wonder why?

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Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1334033

I never had a bad experience from them I have been doing business with them for 7 years. Never a problem, now his brother owns cars 4 sale in reading Pottsville pike they are true *** artist but matos are great

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #658999

i have no problem with them myself i just go my second from them my first car got totaled and they gave a new that i wanted and didnt make me make any payments on it till i got the insurance money and i paid under kbb for both of my cars and whenever i have a problem they took care of they even came out to my job to pick up the car when the belt broke and brought me a loaner car and i didnt have to pay nothing at all i would send any of my friends to get a car they are good guys and they know me by name everytime i go in there thankyou guys we will be there for another car this summer you know who we r

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #657463

I wish I knew who you were. I know it is impossible to repo a car for payments if your payment was made, don't make sense, maybe it was for no ins on car but once again i don't know who you are so i can't tell you why.

You put on your posting that you got a lawyer so if you don't know the law he should. He or she should know the payment problem and the serial number both are illegal. We do get cars from a lot of different locations but the junkyard is not one of them. If there is anything i can help you understand please let me know.

I always try to help ALL my customers.

to MATOS USED AUTO #837885

Matos are scam artist. Beware!!!

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #637126

So your payments were made on time, and they repossessed the car? Sounds so bogus.

I have bought a few cars with them and never had that problem. They are kind people and they ask for you to have full covered until your car is paid off. You dont need no good credit I even know people that there car has been repossessed and they still got a car.

Hey Matos Used Auto I will be in shortly to make a payment. :grin

to Jose #653692

Jose you must work for matos because they are scam artist and treat

People the same way they treat the cars like ***! I would not tell anyone to

Buy a car there or get any repairs!!!

to Another upset customer Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #657978

I see that you don't pay attention to what you read. I don't work there.

Its in black and white "I have bought a few cars with them and never had that problem" They had never treated me bad, they never disrespect me. They only call when I'm late on my payment. Which they shouldn't have to It's my responsibility. I can see why your car was repossessed.

You don't know how to pay attention. I don't have time to play tag with you.

to Jose #659280

My apologies. This is when John was there.

He is the one you have to watch out for. He is over at Don and John, Night and ***.They are a joke and have many law suits against them both.

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